What to do When You are Bored!

It has been almost two weeks since I have been in self-isolation and let me tell you I am starting to get bored. Now don’t get me wrong I have lots of homework to do but I am the kind of person who can’t just do homework for 8 hours straight and be fine, I need to take breaks. My head will start to hurt and I will just stop doing the work. At night I start to get bored because I can only watch so much Netflix and play so much Sims. So I have been trying out some new things to make myself less bored. Here is what I am trying to do to keep myself entertained.

Trying New Workouts

Since the gyms are closed I have had to become creative with the types of workouts to do. My boyfriend is here with me so we have been trying couple workouts which have been fun to do. Keep an eye on my Instagram, I am going to be making post of workouts. I have also been getting back into yoga. YouTube has been great to get workout inspiration and ideas.

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Try New Recipes

Now that you have so much time on your hands it’s the perfect time to try those recipes you have been wanting to try. Now I know you may not have lots of grocery’s but that’s what makes it fun. You can try and be creative with what you have and invent something new. I find the recipes I make are usually unexpected but turn out good. Just have some fun and try some experiments.

Deep Clean Your House

Remember when you told yourself you need to clean those cabinets out but you don’t have the time, while now you do. Split the rooms up day by day and clean the whole house, get every corner, baseboard this is the time to make your house as clean as you have always wanted. When you are deep cleaning you will find things you have been looking for or stuff that you can donate. Tips for when cleaning is to make 3 piles; donate, garbage and keep. As you are cleaning throw clothes or items in these piles and over time you will notice your place will start to be less cluttered.

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Go find those random pencil crayons or coloured pens you have around the house, gather them up. Then go on the internet and find a cool design, print it out and start colouring. I had an adult colouring book that I found in one of my drawers and it really helped make the time pass by. Before I knew it an hour has passed by and I felt a little accomplished.

Learn Something New

There has always been something new you wanted to learn but never had time to do. Now is the time!!! The internet is filled with places where you can gain knowledge, even YouTube has tons of videos to teach you about anything you have always wanted to learn about. Some examples of topics are; learn about the fundamentals of nutrition, the history of some country. Really anything that just sparks your interest. Learn to constantly challenge yourself and you will be fulfilled each day.

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Challenge yourself each day with something, it could be a simple as changing the tv show you are watching every day to something educational. Documentaries are a great way to be entertained while also learning. One thing to make sure you do is to create a routine. Having a routine will motivate you to want to do something new that day. I hope you use some of these tips to resolve your boredom!!



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  1. Love these ideas! I’ve been working out alot more and trying tons of new recipes but I could definitely benefit from deep cleaning my home! Thanks for the reminder;)

  2. Yes, i get into a lot of cleaning and home re-organizing when bored 😀

  3. I love the advice to learn something new! I’ve been looking for an online course to take, because I am sooooo tired of watching TV. If we all take our own advice, we’ll get through this okay!

  4. Great suggestions! I always love trying new recipes…I’ve been trying to make a few new ones per week!

    -Madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com

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