It can be hard to stay motivated when you don’t know what the future holds. You may feel as if you have no motivation because you are stuck at home doing the same thing over and over again. I know I find it hard to find the motivation when I am staying at home not being able to leave. For myself, I find motivation when I can go somewhere sit down and just focus on a task. When I am at home it’s my place of relaxation, where I can just sit down watch Netflix or youtube or read a book. It is hard to bring work into your place of relaxation. It is also really hard to work out at home when the couch or your bed is right around the corner. I have had to incorporate some new things to keep myself motivated.

Create a Routine!

The first thing was learning how to create a routine. Routines are so important!! They help keep you on track and help you complete the tasks you have to do in the day. When you have a routine you will be motivated to get everything done because you have a plan for your day. Start with establishing a wake-up time and make sure you stick with this time, then figuring out when to have breakfast, work out and start your tasks. The more you get into a routine the more you will feel as if you’re not wasting your days, you are getting things done.

Create a space to do work!

Having a separate space where you can do your work or work out will help to motivate you to get things done. Make this space a place where you specifically do work, have all the supplies you need there. Don’t make it a place where you eat or watch tv. This way when you sit down your mindset is in the space of getting work done. Once you are done with your work get up and don’t go back till the next day. The same goes for a workout space. Make it a dedicated space so you know when you are there you have to work out!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Make a to-do list!

To-do lists are great visual tools to help make sure you get things done. By seeing what it is you have to do will help to give you the motivation to get it done!! The feeling of crossing your first thing off the list is always a motivator to get more things done. It also feels good when you have a full list of things to do and it’s all crossed off. Days start to blend into one and with a to-do list, it allows you to zone in on what you have to get done on that specific day.

Have a Dance Party or Workout!

I don’t know about you but I always feel more motivated to do something when I have just been active. By having a dance party you shake out all those non-motivating feelings by just getting your body moving. It does not have to be for long, just enough where you feel like you can now start some tasks you need to get done. Doing a workout can also have the same effect. By saying that you completed a workout you can already check one thing off of your list.

Photo by Natalie Cardona on Unsplash

Set a Reminders on your phone!

This is a last resort thing I like to do if I am really unmotivated. I set alarms or reminders in my phone to do a certain task and I make sure it goes off every 10-20 minutes telling me I have to get this task done. I CANNOT cancel the alarm until I have completed the task. There comes a point where I just do the task just so I can shut off the alarm, I may not be feeling it but at least gets done. Try it, do it for the one task you REALLY do not want to do, it will push you!

I know in these times it can be hard to get motivated but you have got this. You have to just look at the positive in this and see that this is the world giving you time to slow down. This is time for you to focus on yourself and not worry about a bunch of things at once. So take a minute, breath and use these tips to get motivated!


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