A night routine is important to help make sure your next day goes smoothly. Everyone wants to have that perfect night routine where you write a to-do list for tomorrow, do some yoga, and get off your phone 30 minutes before bed. Well, sometimes it does not happen like that. There are times when you pass out on the couch at 9 pm without taking off your makeup, or you forgot to put the dishes away after dinner. Not every night can be perfect but here are some things I like to try and do.

Get in comfortable clothes

This is a step I never usually skip because being comfortable is the best thing ever! Unless you are going out for dinner or a party that night there is no reason for you to stay in jeans or nice clothes any longer. Get out your favourite sweatpants put them on and take off that bra (if you wear one).

Eat a healthy meal

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Eating something with good nutritional value for dinner will help you be able to relax and sleep better. Some healthy ideas are stir fry, chicken with veggies and rice, or a pasta with a homemade sauce. Having a nutritious packed meal for dinner will allow your stomach to digest faster and easier, over something greasy. Now there are some of those nights when you can’t be bothered to cook, and you should treat yourself to pizza. Just make sure you are not eating all meals close to bedtime.

Clean up

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

It always feels good when you can sit down and relax knowing that all the dishes are clean and everything is put away. Some nights you might be too tired to do this and that’s okay but realize you are going to have to do it in the morning. For myself I can’t fully relax knowing there are things I need to get done. This will also help you have a relaxing morning because everything is clean and ready for a new day.

Do something for you!

Before you go to bed make sure you are doing something for yourself. This could be taking a hot shower, doing your skincare routine, watching a Netflix show, or playing a video game. As long as it is something that can help you unwind from your day and get yourself in a more relaxed mental state. Try to make sure it is not something that will wind you up as you won’t be able to get to sleep after. Your brain will be racing and your energy levels will be up making your body think it’s not time for bed.

Finally get into bed!

Try and establish a bedtime. This is going to help you build a routine and stick with it. In this self-isolation time, it can be hard because every day feels the same, but a routine is going to help to get you out of that rut. I know everyone says do not look at your phone a half an hour before bed because it will not let you sleep! This is true, but in this day and age it can be hard to do. I recently decided to invest in blue light glasses to allow myself to watch Netflix or YouTube videos before bed. With these glasses my eyes are naturally getting tired with no blue light stimuli.  Another thing I have been trying to do is read before bed. I forgot how much I like to read, and doing it before bed helps to calm my brain down so I can sleep. I have been into Elin Hilderbrand’s books recently and highly recommend them. 

Having an established morning and night routine is going to help to keep your life in order and just make yourself feel more productive. Just remember it does not have to be perfect, everyone has their own way of getting ready for bed. Just make sure you are doing things that make you happy!!!