The world is going through a tough time right now and with this, comes a lot of unknowns and unwanted thoughts and anxiety.  Just know it is okay, you are allowed to feel down on yourself. It’s hard for you to be in a good mental state when you are stuck at home with nowhere to go. It’s even worse when you cannot see friends or loved ones. This is the case for many people around the world, just know you are not alone. For myself I am feeling the exact same way, some days are better than others. On those harder days I use some of these tips to brighten up my day and ease my worries.

Breathing Techniques

            This is the first technique I will go to when I am starting to feel anxious. Breathing helps to get more oxygen to the brain, which can help to create a state of calmness for your body. There are many apps and YouTube videos out there that offer free guided meditations. For myself I like to do a 10 minute guided meditations in a quiet place. This tends to bring me a sense of peace right away. I encourage you to take the time to try different guided meditations and find out what you like. 

Do a workout or yoga

            By getting your body moving you will start to get your endorphins flowing which will help to make your brain feel calm. This will give your mind the chance to be distracted and free from your worries. There are YouTubers who are posting tons of home workouts, and trainers who are giving out free workouts plans. I recommend you take advantages of these free workouts to help get your body moving. Yoga is another great way to get active while also incorporating breathing techniques.

Get Outside

            Getting some fresh air and sunlight is great for reducing anxiety. When you have been cooped up in the house for days going outside might be just what you need. Take a walk around the block or sit in the backyard. It does not have to be much just make sure you are getting some form of fresh air.

Enjoy Nature!

Read a book (or a blog lol)

            Reading is a great way to distract your mind by getting lost inside a story. There was a study done at the University of Sussex that found that reading can reduce stress by 68% (source below). This is due to your brain being invited into a literacy world that is free from stressors that are part of your daily life. Books stores are currently having great sales on lots of different books online. Take advantages of those sales and start reading!

Start a Journal

            Writing helps to clarify your thoughts and feelings. When you start to write your feelings down you are able to get a better sense of what is going through your mind. Once you realize how you are feeling over time you can start to find ways to cope better, by recognizing patterns and triggers with your anxiety.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Watch a Movie

            Like reading, watching a movie can have a similar effect. You can get lost in a movie, this gives your brain a chance to not focus on your anxieties. Make sure you are watching a light hearted movie/ tv show. A light hearted movie/ tv show allows you escape your reality and be part of a much simpler reality of the characters. Watching something scary or intense will just raise your anxiety levels.

Do a Puzzle or Play Board Game

            Another way to distract your mind is by doing a puzzle or playing a board game with your family. Puzzles can make you feel better because when you finish it you feel accomplished. Also, playing board games can bring your family together and being around loved ones can help to reduce your anxiety and stress.

I get it, this time is hard especially when there are so many unanswered questions. If you already struggle with anxiety this time can be even harder. Try using some of these tips to help distract your mind and lesson your anxieties and let me know what works best. Just know,  if you need to talk to someone (even if we have never talked before) you can always reach out to me. Be sure to follow me social media for more or to reach out.