I want to start out by saying this is not a sponsored post I am just sharing what I have been loving to add to my meals for a healthy boost! Since lockdown has started I have found I am eating a lot more lol. It’s so easy to eat when you are bored. Whenever I walk to the fridge I have to ask myself “Am I hungry or am I just bored?”. Many times I am just bored. I have been trying to make a conscious effort lately to eat healthier and make sure I am getting the right amount of nutrition. Here are 4 nutritional boosts that you need in your life right now!!

First Up Hemp Hearts

            Hemp hearts  or hemp seeds are one of my favourite things I have discovered. Hemp hearts are full of nutritional goodness. According to Healthline hemp hearts contain two essential fatty acids: Omega-6 and Omega-3. They are also  a high source of protein and a great source of Vitamin E  as well as other minerals (Source). Hemp Hearts have so many other benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease and help to aid digestion

            Hemp hearts have a nutty flavour to them but it is very mild. I love to add a tablespoon to my smoothies or I use them to top off my eggs or salads. I recommend you do your own research on them before trying them. If you do decide to try them Manitoba Harvest has a good variety.

Second are Chia Seeds

            Another one of my favourites. Chia seeds had their call to fame years ago as a superfood. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium and much more (Source). It is a great superfood to add to your meals to help boost their nutritional value. They are very beneficial source of protein for someone who are plant based or just to help with cholesterol and weight loss.

Chia seeds don’t have much flavour but they do add some texture to different food. I love to add them to my yogurt or make chia seed pudding with them. They are also great to add in baked goods like muffins to give them a fun little boost. You can find chia seeds anywhere but make sure they are 100% pure and are the black or white chia seeds (Source).  I have been using PRANA chia seeds for years.

Third on the Plate are Flax Seeds

            These little seeds are filled with lots of fiber to help reduce the risk of diabetes and help keep things moving if you know what I mean lol.  They are also filled with amino acids that can help to promote immune system helath.  As well they are one of the best plant based sources for Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids (Source).

            Flax seeds don’t have much flavor but are great to add to smoothies, on top of salads and into pastas. It is also good to mix a tablespoon in water and drink it. I always add it with the other seeds above into a smoothie to really give my smoothies a healthy boost. Again, flax seeds can be purchased anywhere but I use the Flax USA brand as the seeds are already ground up.                                                                                                  

Finally we Have Nutritional Yeast

The last boost I add to some meals is Nutritional Yeast. It is a great source of protein, B vitamins and certain minerals. There are two types of nutritional yeast unfortified (not as many vitamins) and fortified (has more vitamins added).  It is great for people who are on plant based diets as it helps to prevent Vitamin B12 Deficiency (Source). I love to add it to certain foods to help boost immunity as well.

            Nutritional Yeast has a cheesy flavour to it so it is great to add into savoury meals. I have put it in my eggs, on vegetables and in pasta dishes. I tend to get my Nutritional Yeast from my local bulk food store. You can find it at your local grocery store, the Bobs Red Mill is a good one.

Photo by KELLY SCOTT on Unsplash

As you can see I am really big on adding boosts to my meals or drinks to make sure I am filling my body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs. I have been working for a while on trying to balance my hormones and this is great way to do it. Next time you go to your bulk food store make sure to pick up some of these superfoods to add to your meals or smoothies. Leave me a comment if you try some of them out.