Disclaimer: I want to first start off by saying I don’t really use measurements I just go with the flow and add what I think tastes good. So, for this post I am going to try and make up measurements but I recommend you make these recipes to your liking. Making a recipe my own is one of my favourite things about cooking.

            I recently put a poll on my Instagram asking if you wanted to see a food post or a workout post! By my surprise I got an overwhelming request for a food post. So, here we are with my favourite go to recipes that I like to make because they are easy and quick. I am not lying when I say I eat all these recipes at least once a week. If you follow me on Instagram you would know *hint* *hint*.

Breakfast Time!

Now depending on how much time I have in the morning I will either make oatmeal or this amazing avocado toast. Now I know avocado toast has been overused and everyone and their mother is making it but it’s SO GOOD! This a super simple recipe that allows you to add in whatever spices you want! I also love to top it with roasted red peppers, sun- dried tomatoes or everything but the bagel seasoning. I love to make it my own.

Lunch Time Baby!!

This recipe is something new I tired and fell in love with. It allowed me to try and make homemade tortillas as well (that’s why it looks funky in the pic above lol). I made cauliflower tacos with an apple, carrot and cucumber slaw. This recipe is so light and refreshing while also being the perfect meal to eat on a hot summer day. I decided to make this recipe vegan but you can add whatever you want to make it how you like it.

Dinner Time

I love this dish so much! If you know me you know I love to make this sun-dried tomato pasta at least once a week. It has an amazing flavour with the sun- dried tomatoes, I can’t explain it you just have to give it a try. I recommend adding some sort of protein to it, I like adding shrimp or chickpeas but whatever you have on hand will work. P.s remember a little wine for the pasta and a little wine for the chef 😉

Dessert Time!

Last but not least we have the best time of day other than wine time it’s dessert time. These chocolate balls are the best way to curve any sweet craving you are having. They are filled with oats to help keep you sustained. If you don’t have dates just use maple syrup, you just need a little bit of sweetness to help offset the bitterness of the cocoa powder.

Try out at least one of these recipes next time you are cooking. Send me a pic on instagram I would love to see your recreations. Besides these recipes being quick and easy they are also great for leftovers, so make a bunch and enjoy them for days.