How to have a Relaxing Morning in Quarantine

I recently put up another poll on my Instagram asking if you wanted to see a morning routine post but quarantine edition.  A lot of people liked the idea so here we go. The one thing I do like about quarantine is, it has allowed me to take my mornings very easy and chill. By having a slow morning I am able to get myself into a positive mindset making my days even better. This is what I have been doing…

Do Some Breath Work

    If you are an avid reader of my blog, then you know how much I talk about breathing techniques because I truly believe in them!!  I was doing 10-minute meditation session for a while but recently made the switch to breathwork. Breathwork is about concentrating on your breathing and manipulating it for a period of time. Meditation is about focusing on your breath but keeping it at its natural rhythm. For me, I am really liking breathwork because it had been teaching me how to open up my lungs and diaphragm. If you prefer meditation continue with it but if you want to try breathwork try Wim Hof method breathing.  (Not sponsored just love it)

Set the Vibe

    I love having the time to be able to set a vibe for my morning. I like to turn on my diffuser with some of my fresh fruity oils to help wake me up. I also turn on my salt lamp to help set the tone. If you are going to do anything to really set the vibe music is the way to go. Depending on the morning I will either play jazz music, lo-fi music, or indie music. I find that the slow calm beats put me in such a happy relaxing mood. 

Enjoy your Coffee and Breakfast

    How many of you would rush in the morning to drink your coffee and eat your breakfast because you are on a time crunch? I know it’s not just me lol. Well, now you have time to make your coffee and make your favourite breakfast sit down and really enjoy it. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I love how now I can really sit down and enjoy it. Don’t rush through your meal take the time to enjoy every bite because really what’s the rush? Now I know a lot of people don’t eat breakfast so in that case, just take the time to enjoy your lunch or whatever drink you have in the morning.


            This something I could not recommend enough. By making your bed you feel like you have accomplished something making the start of your day feel more productive. It’s also a great way to make sure that you don’t climb back into bed and fall asleep. Having a clean and tidy made bed just makes your room feel much cleaner. It’s the best feeling when you can curl up under your covers and they are all there, not one sheet on the floor the comforter in a ball. We all of done that, I used to never make my bed and now I can’t go a day without doing it.

            These are just four of the main things I have been doing for my morning while in quarantine.  I honestly love having so much time in the morning to just make it the best time. Not all mornings are like this there are many times when I will just roll out of bed and go to the couch because I have nothing to do and that’s okay. Just make sure you are taking time for you and getting your head in the right mind space.



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