Hey everyone! My name’s Kate. I’m a primary school teacher as well as a health and fitness enthusiast… but only recently. Growing up I always played sports; hockey, lacrosse, soccer, but once I got to University my habits changed a lot. With a new school, no home cooking, and no more league sports, I started to slack off on my healthy habits. I gained around 40 lbs, over the 5 years I was at school. I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt I knew I had to make some serious life changes. But where do I start? I don’t like working out and I hate eating vegetables…Well if you are feeling like how I did but don’t know where to start then keep on reading!!!

I wanted to share some of the changes I made in my life to hopefully help you get started on those goals you talk about and wish to fulfill cause guess what you can. Over the past year, I have tried my best, which is and never will be perfect, to actively make these changes in my life. As of last week I was officially down that 40 lbs. but even better than that I’ve gained knowledge and habits to last a lifetime. I am healthier and happier both physically and mentally; I really hope that you can benefit from these changes because as much as they are challenging, they are rewarding.

Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Change up your workouts and challenge your body! I spent about 6 months doing the wrong things trying to convince myself it would eventually work. What really helped me was increasing my weight training, heavier weights, and more often, but that doesn’t mean stop doing cardio! Doing HIIT workouts is one of my favourite ways to get my cardio in.
  2. Eating healthier and eating less. Easier said than done, I know. If there’s one thing to remember just do things in moderation. Something I do that helps me if I want to snack on something unhealthy is; I’ll put just some in a small bowl, instead of taking a whole bag/ container.
  3. Try your best to stop late-night snacking and ordering takeout! Again everything in moderation but for me, I noticed a difference in my physical appearance a lot faster when I cut out fast food and post-dinner snacks.
  4. Find something fitness related that you enjoy doing! For me it’s hockey, boxing, and yoga, things that get your heart rate pumping and you look forward to doing. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore.
  5. Eat more VEGGIES, seriously do it! Your body will burn more calories consuming the vegetables than the vegetables actually contain.
  1. Walk to places that are within walking distance! If you’re like me you like the ease and might also be a little lazy sometimes but one easy thing that made a huge impact on my fitness, in general, was increasing my daily step goal.
  2. Have FUN with yourself! Something that took me all too long to realize was that no one cares what you’re doing so, do what will make you happy and stop taking yourself so seriously. With practice and patience, your body can do anything you set your mind to, set small goals as stepping stones to later ones, try new things, push yourself out of your comfort zone. As someone who used to be so scared of people judging them, I will say life, in general, is so much more fun when you have fun with yourself. So try that new exercise, go to a new class, lift heavier weights, let yourself have fun with fitness it makes it so much easier and more enjoyable to maintain!

Quarantine Workouts:

Let me start by saying that if you’re reading this you’re doing great!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy on a regular day and doing it in quarantine is even more difficult, so give yourself a break, you’re doing the best you can! Now, I wanted to share some of the things that i’ve been doing during quarantine to help both my physical and mental health!

About 2 weeks into quarantine I realized that we wouldn’t be getting back to the gym anytime soon so, I started a new workout program called Centr6 by Centrfit. This program was 6 weeks long with 6 High Intensity Interval Training style workouts a week. Another activity I’ve grown to love during quarantine is yoga, which I’m doing now about 3-5 times a week. Yoga has not only helped me with relaxation and anxiety but it’s also made me stronger and more flexible. To really get in the zone I like to light a candle, turn on my diffuser, and/or play some relaxing music. Aside from this though I just try to walk every day, no matter how far just making sure I’m getting outside for 30 minutes as least, personally I like finding new walking paths to take my dogs on nice long walks!

This boxing workout is great. Click here!

Finally, I make sure to stretch every day, yes EVERY DAY! It seems like ugh but it helps my body so much; my posture, back pain, how well I sleep, the list goes on. All in all, you just need to find what feels good to you so try something new, give yourself time EACH day for self-improvement. Whether it be mentally or physically, start with just 5 minutes of stretching tonight before bed, and tomorrow you can try 10 minutes of that online workout class you’ve been saying you want to try. Small steps DO count just be patient with yourself. You have all the power and ability to attain whatever goals you seek out just keep going.



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