Suggestions on How to Reset for September

It’s a sad thing to say but summer is coming to a close. With the end of summer, comes change especially for this year. This September might have a lot of people nervous because they don’t know what school is going to be like or what their job is going to bring. I am right there with you!! As September approaches I feel myself getting super nervous because it’s the first time I am not going back to school. With that anxiety creeping in I have found myself needing a reset to prepare myself for this coming fall.

To start my reset off right I took a little break from the blog/ work and started to focus on somethings I needed. As well, my family and I  went up to our favourite place. A cottage we have been going to for 20 years, that’s right 20 years. It’s was the perfect place to allow me to relax and let go. I knew that this week was coming but I did not know how much I needed it. Of course, it went by super-fast, but I always make memories to last a lifetime.

So, here are some tips to help you reset before life becomes crazy:

Spend Time with Loved Ones:

         You may be thinking I have spent so much time with loved ones through this pandemic but has it been true time? Like time when you are all off your phone having a deep conversation, or going for a walk with them where you are truly present? This is the time I am talking about. When your energy is low you need to charge it up.

The best way to do that is spending time with people you love. Just make sure you are present and you will 100% feel a difference.

Take a Break From Your Phone:

          I cannot express how important this tip is, particularly for your mental health.  You may not think that your phone is affecting you right now but once you take a break you will realize it was. This week allowed me to take a break from my phone and just inhale the fresh air. When you are constantly on social media you are exposing yourself to negative energy. You might not think you are but after a while, you will start comparing yourself to others or just mindlessly scrolling.

Make a Plan:

         When your mind is going a million miles per hour it can be hard to pinpoint what is scaring you. That’s why making a plan of what you think the future is going to hold can help to organize your thoughts and give you a fresh start. Just make sure you know that this plan may not go exactly how you want it to go, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. This can help you get a reset because you will have something concrete to look at and understand.

Talk with Someone:

         When I talk with people who feel the same way as I do or understand what I am going through I feel 1000x better. It’s almost like I get a boost of energy and motivation. Even if you are not talking about how you feel just talking with people can reset your mind. I do recommend if you have the opportunity, talk with a counsellor. Don’t let the stereotype of therapy or a therapist stand in your way because it may be just what you need. I have been doing it monthly for almost a year and it has helped me tremendously.

         No one knows what this fall is going to bring but if this year has taught us anything it’s that you need to go into anything with an open mind. Take the time you need to reset your mind and get ready to go into this new chapter with an open heart and open mind. I will be here trying to spread as much positivity and motivation as I can. So, make sure you are following on my socials to get your daily dose of Life is a Peach Blog!

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