Ways to get out of your Head

A bit ago, I made a post about how to reset for September. The post was talking about ways to overcome the anxiety of the change that is happening in the world. Those tips I provided are still very relevant however, I thought I would update them. Since a new wave of the virus seems to be coming through, I have found I am more and more anxious about what is to come. Are we going into a complete lockdown again? Will there be small changes? What happens with work? These are all questions that have been going through my head every day nonstop! With my anxiety constantly creeping in, I had to come up with ways to deal with it.

Here are some of the ways I am putting my anxiety at bay:

Bake some Treats!

I love the holiday seasons when the house smells like pumpkin spice because there are baked good in the oven.  It is very nostalgic. Why? not recreate that for yourself. Find a recipe you have wanted to try, put on some calming music, and bake away. If you hate to bake then, cook a meal. It is another way to distract yourself! You are so focused on what the recipe says you do not have time to think about what is going on in the world.  Bonus: you get a delicious treat at the end!!

Start a New Hobby!

            Recently I  started hand crocheting blankets. It has been something I have always wanted to try so, I took the leap and went and bought the yarn. It has been something I can do at night when I am unwinding. I am so focused on the crocheting I do not look at my phone at all. I  turn on my favourite show and start crocheting away. Crocheting has become my form of mediation.

Go, try something you have always wanted to do. It may just be what you need to get out of your head.

The two blankets I made!

Listen to an Audiobook or Podcast!

            I always say read a book however, I know some people don’t like to read! I never used to like to reading until quarantine hit. The alternative reading is listening to an audiobook. Not sponsored, but I use Audible. When I am winding down listening to a book, it is so relaxing. I get to focus on what is going on in the book and not on anything else. Give it a try, you might enjoy it! 

As well, I love podcasts!!! There are ones that can be so informative or others that are funny and light-hearted. It’s something for your brain to focus on rather than what is going on in the world.

Get Outside and do a Photoshoot!

            Here in Canada, it’s Autumn! The leaves are changing into these beautiful vibrant colours while the air is crisp and cool. I have loved getting outside and just taking in all the colours around me. The other day my brother and I decided we wanted to take some pictures. We drove out to a country road and had a fun little photo shoot. It allowed my brother to do something he loves to do while getting us outside.

(Tip: If you do not like the photos at that moment, do not delete them. You will look back at them and remember the wonderful day you had. They are a memory for you to keep)

            These are just four other tips I wanted to add on to my recent post! I know it can be hard to not know what is happening in the future but, this is something you cannot control. So, try these different tips to help deal with your anxiety. Just getting out of your head just for a little bit is so important for your mental health.

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