I recently had a friend text me saying: “ I have the perfect blog post for you to do!!”

I was of course intrigued so, I asked: “What is it?” 

She said: “ You should do a post about how to see the positive when there is so much negative around,”

I loved this post idea, it’s so relevant right now.

All we have been hearing is negative news. It’s so hard to find any positivity when we are constantly surrounded by negative. So, it’s time for us to take a step back and realize there is positivity in a world of negativity.

How do you find it? Try these:

Write Down What you are Grateful for

            Gratitude is a great tool to use when you are feeling down.  I love to take a few minutes in the morning to either write down what I am grateful for or say it out loud. It allows me to realize all the good I have in my life. This is most relevant when times are tough.            

In a study done by Wood et al, they researched how gratitude plays a role in support of stress and depression. In this study, they found that overall, gratitude seems to directly foster social support and to protect people from stress and depression (Source).

Try this: Every morning for the next week, write down three things you are grateful for, do not repeat anything. Then at the end of the week, look back at the list and see how much positivity and light you have in your life.

Have Someone Put it into a New Perspective

            When there is a lot of happening to you, it can be hard to see where the good is. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk with someone who can help you process it. Someone else can look at all you are thinking about and give you a outside perspective. They can show you what you are not seeing.

            Make sure you are talking with someone who has a positive outlook and will really listen to you.  I promise you that after talking with someone you are going to feel like weight is lifted off your shoulders.

Try this: Next time you feel like there is so much negative going on, go to your best friend and vent. Tell them to give you their perspective and try and point out the positivity.

Turn off the Negative

            Is it just me or, is negative news the only news we hear now? You turn on the news, it’s always bad, you look at your phone and something is wrong, it is hard to escape it. My advice is to TURN IT OFF!!!

            Instead of having the news playing 24/7 only, look at it while you are on your lunch, then turn it off. Unfollow people on social media that are very negative, delete news apps. You are already going to feel more positive when you don’t have this negativity following you around all the time.

Try This: Only look at the news once a day, around noon is best. Do not do it in the morning, this will start your day off on a rough note. Also, make sure to give yourself a time limit, because some of the stories can keep you reading for a while.

Take Yourself Away from the Situation

            Taking yourself out of a negative situation is easier said than done. What I mean by this is if you are constantly surrounding yourself with negative energy or people, of course, you will never see the positive. So, instead of spending all your time with those people, give yourself a limit, because it can be draining.

            If you work in a negative environment, try and change something around you. Bring photos of your favourite people, and place them on your desk. This way when things get hard you can look at the photos and remember the amazing people you have in your life.

Try this: Next time you are around negative people or just in a negative situation, grab your gratitude list, and read it. Sit there and just enjoy the good memories and feel the positivity of the things on the list bring you.

Make a New Routine

            I put this one last because it can be harder to do but can have the largest impact. If you find you are feeling down or in negative situations more often, then maybe it’s the way you are doing things. If you start the morning going on your phone, then turning the news on, and then sitting in never-ending traffic; of course, you are going to be in a bad mood. It’s time to change that.

            Get up earlier, don’t look at your phone. Pick up a book, read, or write in a journal. Then enjoy a cup of coffee in silence. Look we have already cut out two negative sources. Leave early for work, there will probably be less traffic and instead of listening to the news, listen to a podcast.. There is already so much negative happening in the world don’t drown yourself in it.

Try this: Change one thing in your routine. This could be as simple as drinking coffee without your phone or playing music in the morning. Something so small could make a difference. By being in a good mood you are going to be able to be more positive when things get hard.

      Just because everything seems to be negative in the world it does not mean you need to drown in it. You just need to change your perspective!!! When you are constantly only seeing the negative and feeding into it, you will never see the positive. There is good you just have to find it.

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