How to do Christmas on a Budget

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            How is it already Christmas time?? Weren’t we just going into the beginning of this pandemic?? For a year that has felt like forever, it did go by pretty fast. Usually, at this time the malls are crazy with people doing their Christmas shopping, family events are starting to pile up and the Christmas spirit is in the air.  Well…. not this year lol.

            This year we have to do a lot of our shopping online. With this can come a lot of shipping costs and extras that we don’t usually get. As well for some, money is tight this year. I know for myself I am going to be shopping on a budget.

Here are some tips I am using!

Setting a MAX Amount you Want to Spend.

            You, see that bold and highlighted word that says MAX? Yeah? Listen to it!  This means you set an amount and do not go over it. This can be very hard because we all love to go overboard. I know for myself, I start going over my amount by a small amount, thinking it’s no big deal. Then, the next thing I know, I am hundreds of dollars over, sitting there staring at my receipts like where did I go wrong?

            This year we can’t be like that. So, start by taking the money you want to spend and setting it aside. That could be put in a separate account or even taken out of the bank. This way you can track what you are spending and not go overboard. All the money that is set aside can only be used for Christmas! No adding!!!

Collab with Someone

Presents can get expensive so, why not split the cost with someone. Instead of all the siblings getting mom and dad a separate gift why not just pool your money together and get them something. This way all of you spend the same amount and don’t go overboard.

            It does not just have to be with family you can also do it with friends. Go in on a gift together for that one friend. It can save you lots of money in the end. If you don’t have someone to collab with maybe just don’t get that expensive gift. They will love what you get no matter what!

 Secret Santa

I know lots of people who are doing this option this year. If you have a big family, have everyone pick one person’s name from a hat and that’s the only person you have to shop for. Secret Santa will cut down costs a lot. Instead of having to shop for 6 people you only have to shop for one. In the end, everyone is still getting something.

            This also gives you the chance to focus on that specific person. If you set a budget with everyone, you can find a bunch of gifts around the same price. Make sure everyone communicates what they like to make it even easier.

Shop Local

            Now I know this can be more expensive at times but shopping locally is so important. Plus the quality of gifts is better and much more unique. During quarantine, many people started small businesses just to keep themselves busy and help support their families. The holidays are about giving back and shopping locally is one of the small ways you can do that.

            People are very talented and come up with some unique gifts. You could get a decoration for a friend’s house or a homemade blanket, the options are endless.   Plus it is homemade you just didn’t have to do the work or be that talented. I know I am not!  

Make Something Homemade

            If you are more talented then make something homemade. Some of the best gifts I have ever received are homemade gifts. These gifts show how much love someone has for you because they put in their time and effort to make something just for you.

            It does not have to be anything fancy. Homemade cookies always go off well. One year I made a bunch of friends homemade candles and sugar scrubs, and they loved them!! It is a great way to save money and have a little fun!!

Tip: Pinterest has great ideas!!

Thoughtfulness over Dollars

Thoughtful gifts mean so much more to someone than the amount of money you spend. Honestly, just giving someone your time is one of the best gifts anyone could ask for. Yes, it can be nice to get the material gifts but are you going to remember who got you that 5 years down the line??? I doubt it, but you won’t forget those memories you made with that special someone.

            I love planning fun days with friends. The memories we make last a lifetime. This is just one example of a thoughtful gift. I know with COVID this is a little harder. So, another option could be writing someone a letter about how much they mean to you. Just reassuring someone about how much their presents mean in your life is much better than some material gifts.

It can be hard to do Christmas on a budget especially if you love to give but, if you need to save money you need to focus on that. Just small little changes can make the world of a distance. Please stay safe if you do go out Christmas shopping.

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