How to Make Christmas Feel Somewhat Normal!

Welcome back to day 4 of 12 days of blogmas. For the next 9 days, there will be a new blog post every day until Christmas. Make sure to comment below on what you want to read.

This year Christmas is going to very different. It is sad because Christmas is supposed to be such a wonderful time of year filled with lots of love and happiness. Instead, it’s filled with masks, hand sanitizer, and distance. Although this sucks we need to try and make it feel as normal as possible.

What can we all do to try and make Christmas feel somewhat normal?? Read more to find out!

Decorate, Decorate and More Decorations

I started decorating for Christmas early this year because I just needed the joy!! If you have not decorated yet you need to! Decorating is going to give you some more Christmas Joy! If you have already decorated then you are ahead of the game! One thing I love about Christmas is all the lights. When you have the Christmas tree lite and lights around the house going, it just feels so warm and cozy. It’s a feeling that is hard to match other times of the year.

Bake Some Goodies

When I think of Christmas I always think of all the baked goods! Just me?? I don’t think so lol. Usually, my mom and I do a huge bake of cookies to bring to family events or when we have people over. Obviously, we can’t do that this year but to keep a bit of the tradition alive we are still going to bake!! It makes it feel a little more normal!

Call/ Facetime Loved Ones (or zoom)

Make sure to check in with loved ones as it can be hard for everyone. Give people you don’t talk to all the time a call. It will make them feel so loved when they get a call from you. You can break up someones long day at home with a 20 minute phone call.

Don’t forget about your friends either. One thing I plan on doing with some of my friends over the holidays is to play games over zoom. I am missing a lot of them right now and this is a great way to catch up with them.

Donate to a Local Charity

There are a lot of people struggling right now, just donating a little bit can help so much. There are many children who don’t get anything for Christmas, donating to a toy drive will make a little child’s day. As well not many families have the money to get food for Christmas so, take those extra cans you have in your cupboards and donate them to a food drive. A lot of these charities are doing everything COVID friendly.

If you don’t feel comfortable going out, there are lots of charities taking donations online. Just doing something small to give back is a great way to get back into the Christmas spirit.

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Play that Christmas Music

Other than baking, Christmas music is one of the best things about Christmas. If you want to start getting into the Christmas spirit, play Christmas music all the time. Trust me, just having it in the background can put you in such a good mood. The perfect vibe is the Christmas tree lite up with christmas music in the background and cookies baking in the oven.

I know, it does not feel like Christmas this year. However, there are some little things we can do to try and make it feel somewhat normal. Make sure you are staying safe so we can get back to seeing loved ones soon.

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