Welcome back to day 6 of 12 days of blogmas. For the next 7 days, there will be a new blog post every day until Christmas. Make sure to comment below on what you want to read.

This time of year already causes a lot of stress or anxiety! However, this year it is a different type of anxiety. This year we can’t be with our loved ones or have a normal Christmas. It is going to bring up some emotion! Here I came up with a few tips to hopefully help ease the holiday blues.

Organize your thoughts

You probably have so many thoughts running through your mind right now. I feel that! Take the time to organize your thoughts. Start by writing them down. Make a list of all the feelings you are having, this is a great way to get them out of your head. Read them over to try and gather your thoughts.

Another way is talking with someone. Someone else’s perspective may make it easier for you to understand how you are feeling. Just know that it is okay to feel this way. This year has not been normal in any way.

Distract yourself

I know they say you need to face your feelings, but right now these feelings will take some time to go away. So instead of having these feelings consume you, it’s great to find ways to distract yourself. When you are in the moment all other thoughts seem to drift away.

Some things you can do to distract yourself; are baking, reading, watching Christmas Movie or trying new recipes. There are so many options!!

Step away from the phone

Being on your phone is a way of distracting but it’s not a healthy way. You may find yourself looking at old photos of loved ones which can make your feelings worse. Put that phone down and pick up a book or go for a walk.

As well, a little bit of a social media cleanse has never hurt anyone. Take this holiday time to stay in the moment and put that phone away. I know I will be trying to be on my phone less and spending more time with the family. If you can’t be with your family use your phone to call or facetime them more!

Spend Some Extra Times with Those you can

You can’t be with everyone you want to be with this year however, we can be with certain people. Make this time with the people you can be with special. Being around others can help you to feel calmer and happier. So to make this time even more special, get off your phone and truly be in the moment.

Write a Gratitude List

No better way to make yourself feel better than seeing everything good you have in your life. Even though there is so much negative going on we need to take a moment to show ourselves how much good we have. Changing your perspective can bring you into a sense of calm you have been looking for.

This list can include many different things. This year I am thankful for my health, loved ones, good books, and good weather. What are you grateful for? Let me know below!

Hope these tips are helpful for you to find your calm. You are not alone in feeling down this holiday season. We all are feeling this way. It’s just the way this year is going!

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