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Christmas is looking different this year. Instead of celebrating it with all our friends and family like we usually do, we can only celebrate it with a few people. To spice it up a bit and make it more fun let’s play some fun holiday games. I have compiled a list of games that look like a good time and you don’t need tons of people.

Liars Dice

This is a great game to play when you only have a few people and want a limited setup. All you need are 5 dice. This game seems like it could get pretty heated when you play with a bunch of people. You are bidding on what you think each player will roll. Click the photo for the instructions.

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Chase the Ace

I have played this game a few times and it’s a lot of fun! Can get pretty intense but will keep everyone intrigued. Once you get the hang of this game you will find the rounds will be flying by. I have played with money before but I like their suggestion of playing with candy! Click the image to see the official rules.

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Christmas Name that Tone

This one takes a little bit of prep but Play, Party, Plan has us covered with a printable songs list. This one is like charades but for songs. You draw a song from the bowl of names and are allowed to hum some of the beat. This game can get pretty intense if you have a musical family. If you find you are liking this game it’s so easy to add in other songs you all love.

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The Bowl Game

This game seems like it can get really interesting! This is how you will get to know everyone in your family. You write down a fact about yourself that maybe not everyone knows, then you put them in a bowl. The first person reads one aloud and everyone tries and guess who it is. Click the images for the rules.

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Christmas Carol Opposites Game

If you like Christmas Carols let’s see if you can debunk these Christmas songs. The Crafting Chicks has a cute print out with 30 different songs on it. You can also make it a contest to see who can finish the list first. Some of these are hilarious and seem like they can be some real stumpers.

By The Crafting Chicks

Irish Snap

This game could be a drinking game or just be fun to play with family. Make sure to put all drinks on the ground and take all jewelry off your hands because this one can get violent. Having multiple people try and slap down on the same pile there are bound to be some sore hands, but lots of laughs.

By Holy Bible of Drinking Games

Dice Gift Exchange

I have done this one with my family many times. Everyone brings a little gift all wrapped up, then with two dice one person rolls. Based on the numbers on the dice, the person will have to switch a gift, steal a gift, or unwrap a gift. Play Party Plan has printable instructions.

By Play Party Plan

Snow Shovel Race

This game is great for kids or just very competitive adults. All you need are cotton swabs, bowls, spoons, and some type of timmer. The objective of the game is to get every cotton swab in the bowl in under a minute. The trick is you have to pick up the swabs one at a time. I think this can be too easy so I say to make it harder I think you should have to place the spoon in your mouth and shovel that way.

By Housing a Forest

I can’t wait to try these games. I wanted to make sure I found some unique games that we don’t play everyday. Let me know if you try them @lifeisapeachblog_ .

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