How to Get in the Christmas Spirit

Welcome back to day 11 of 12 days of blogmas! How are we almost done blogmas?? That flew by so fast!

This year it is hard to get in the Christmas Spirit. Honestly, it feels nothing like Christmas, feels like another Thursday. It goes great with the theme of 2020. I am not feeling in the Christmas spirit because Christmas is about family and not being able to be with family puts a damper on things.

If you do want to get in the Christmas spirit, here are some things I am doing!!

Getting Out of the Sweatpants

Get dressed up!! Get out of your sweatpants and put on a cute Christmas outfit. I don’t mean you have to put on jeans, but leggings and a cute top will do. Now that you have a cute outfit on, do your hair and make-up. You will be in a better mood now that you are ready. Even if this is all you do today it will feel like an accomplishment!

Put on Christmas Music

Get that festive music playing! You only get to listen to Christmas music this time of year so play it as much as you can before the season is over! I have it blaring right now as I get ready. The music makes me feel happy and cheerful! If you don’t do anything, at least put on some music!

Take some Festive Pictures

Take advantage of getting ready and take some cute photos! Turn up that Christmas music and use your decoration as props. Make some memorable photos that you can keep forever. I know many people don’t want to remember this year but let’s make the best of it! This can be an activity your whole family can get involved in.

Have Christmas Cocktail

I made a Top 10 list of Christmas Cocktails that you should try! If you are of legal drinking age of course! Some are like Christmas in a cup. Make it a family activity as well. If I had to recommend one drink it would have to be an Eggnog cocktail! What is more festive than Eggnog??

Play some Festive Games

Another family activity to get in the spirit are festive games. I made a list of Festive games you can play with the family. My family and I are going to give some of these a try tonight! Games always get everyone in a good mood! 

I know it does not feel like Christmas this year but we need to try our best to have a little cheer. So go spread some Cheer and I wish you Very Merry Christmas Eve!!

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