Disclaimer: Not claiming any content as my own. Just shouting out my favourite people!

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I was a figure skater for 16 years and I started to go to the gym in high school. The gym had become a part of my daily routine. I was lifting weights and doing cardio often while also doing the occasional yoga/ pilates. So, when COVID hit I was lost. At first, I took it as a sign to relax and take it easy, I did some workout videos but after a while, I just stopped.

I started to feel really uncomfortable with myself I realized I needed to start doing something different. I decided to listen to my body and try out new workouts. I turned to youtube for this.

So, here is the list of my favourite fitness influencers whose workouts I use often. I can honestly say that I have tried all of these influencer’s workouts and I genuinely love them. For your, next workout go and check out one of these ladies.

Cassey Ho aka Blogilates

I originally started by workout journey by doing Blogilates workouts every day. She has so many different kinds of workouts and challenges. Her videos are fun and very motivational. I went back to her workouts during lockdown to help get myself motivated and back in the workout game. My body has not been this sore in a long time.

If you have never tried Pilates before give her workouts a try. She also has an app where she posts her challenges too. If you want to feel a good burn and sore the next day Blogilates is the way to go.

Natacha Océane

This girl is the HITT queen. On her youtube channel, she has so many different HITT workouts videos as well as some strength training videos. I came across her videos one day and instantly loved what she stands for. She loves to talk about the science behind fitness and how there are so many myths in the fitness industry.

I have personally bought 2 of her workout guides and have loved both. When the gyms were open I did her Build guide and my strength had increased so much. When lockdown hit I bought her HOME. Reload guide which gives you workouts to do with resistance bands. The plan kept me motivated and I was seeing results.

If you want a good HITT workout in check out her workouts. I promise you will burn a lot of calories and get a great burn.

Yoga With Adriene

I talk about yoga all the time and how it has changed my mental and physical health. Yoga by Adriene was one of the first people I went to when I started my yoga journey. She has so many different varieties of yoga practices. For years she has been doing 30-day yoga challenges for January. They are a great way to get you started in yoga practice.

She has many classes that are great for beginners and even some more advanced ones. I have been challenging myself to do at least 4 of her classes a week. They have helped me improve my overall strength and mindfulness.

I just love how she focuses on how imperfect yoga practices can be. She will challenge you but also make you feel so good about yourself. I can’t explain it you just have to try it for yourself.


If you want a channel with a variety of different workouts, popsugar is the way to go. With over a thousand different videos you can find anything from; yoga, dance, weight training, boxing and so much more. I mainly do their boxing workouts. They are so great and get your heart rate up.

Almost every time I do a boxing workout I burn about 500 calories. I also feel like I have excelled in my boxing techniques. They really break it down for you and teach you some of the basics of boxing. I am intrigued to try their otehr workout videos. It is a channel that has it all.


A fellow Canadian who is killing it in the fitness industry! She does real-time workouts that are super fun and great for people who are at different fitness levels. She also has these super fun dance workout videos that are to some of the best songs. I highly recommend these!!!

I like how she goes between weight training and bodyweight training, while also throwing in a little stretching here and there. Her videos are very motivational and she helps to walk you through each step.

If you are a beginner I recommend her videos, even if you are more advanced she has some hard workouts.

Sarah’s Day

In general, I just love Sarah’s day content. She has a few workout videos on her channel but my favourite are her workout plans. She is really big into pilates. If you are into pilates or want to try something new I recommend her plans. I did her one 25 minute workout and was sweating up a storm.

Also, if you like watching vlogs she has tons of amazing videos. She shows a lot of great healthy meal ideas. A bonus, her son Fox is the cutest. (I know I am getting away from fitness but I just love her content lol).

I have so many other influencers I love but these ladies are my main ones right now. If you try any of their workouts leave a comment below!!!

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