You know when you are stressed, and everything starts piling up on top of each other? Well, that is how I have been feeling. I have been stressed out with work and just life in general. It had been a tough time but I have not broken down.

A year ago, if I had been this stressed, I would have had a few breakdowns by now. Without even realizing it, I have put in the work to learn how to manage stress a little better. I took what I have learned the last few months and broken it down for you.

If you have any more tips, leave a comment below, I would love to add more to the list.

Talk it Out

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have someone to give you the opportunity to vent about your stress. Keeping your feelings bottled up will lead to a breakdown. You have to get your feelings out and there is no better way than talking to someone. I used to feel like I was burdening people, but chances are they need to vent too.

Also, you can get clarity from talking about it because you hear it out loud rather than in your head. The other person can help you break it down because they see it from an outside perspective. You find out that you are stressing for no reason.

Taking Time For You

          You know that feeling when you are so busy that focusing on yourself falls by the wayside? If yes, then you need to stop what you are doing and check in on yourself. If you are not taking time for yourself, that needs to change now!!!

I am not saying that you have to have a whole spa day, just something simple. This means that it’s not for work, not for your side hustle, not for your bf, it is for you!

Some examples are:

  • going to lay in bed with the door closed
  • reading a book
  • making your favourite meal

There are so many option, just make sure you are doing it for YOU!

Take a Minute to Breath

Taking a breath goes hand in hand with taking time for you. When I said to take time for you, I didn’t mean to drop everything and do that right at that moment. You do have things to do but, you can take a minute to breathe.

With that said, take a second to step back and take three deep breaths. Those three breaths can be the difference between a breakdown and no breakdown.

Write it All Down

When I say write it down, I don’t mean journal. Journaling is great for some people. However, you need to write everything in your head on paper so you don’t forget anything. There is no worse feeling than when you remember you have something to do and it’s too late.

To make things even easier, you can write everything down in a list. Make a draft list with everything you have to do and then break it down from most important to least important. The more you mark off the, less stressed you should feel.

Walk Away

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, you are not going to get everything done in one day. The moment your brain feels like mush is the moment you need to walk away. You are not going to complete anything successfully when you can barely function.

When you are at this point you just need to walk away. That means clean up what you are doing and don’t come back to it until you have had a break. This gives your brain time to recover and I promise you, you will feel more productive.

Take a Break from Your Phone

            If I have learned anything about breakdowns, it is that your phone can be a trigger. You may not notice it but if you look into your behaviors while on your phone, you will find that certain things on social media can change your emotions. I know for myself, Instagram can be a real trigger for me. If I am stressing, I sometimes can’t even look at it because it will throw me over the top.

If your phone is one of your biggest triggers then you need to create boundaries around it. Don’t always pick it up when you are bored and go straight to Instagram. Instead, go pick up a book. This is something I am personally working on. I am trying to find something else to focus my attention on.

Hate to say it but stress is just a part of life. The way you deal with it can be a make-or-break moment for you. So, next time you are stressed take a second to try one of these tips. If it works for you let me know. I hope these tips can help you not break down.

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