Cold Showers are they Worth it?

Disclaimer: I just wanted to start by saying I am not a Doctor! I just found that cold showers have benefited me. Below is based on my personal experience. If you would like to try cold showers for yourself please do research and consult your doctor. My Experience My experience with cold showers started after […]

Quarantine Fitness Journey

We have a special guest on the blog today! Kate is one of my friends who has been on a fitness journey of her own. I am so excited for you to hear her story and use her tips! So without further ado I welcome k.k_fitnesss to the blog! (make sure to check out her insta link below!!)

4 lessons 2020 has taught me.. so far!!

What a year 2020 has been, like we are in a pandemic who would’ve thought that would have happened??? It has been a year that has tested people’s patience and relationships. The funny thing is, it’s not even half way over! So we can’t just look at the negatives we have to also look at […]


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